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Check out this FREE RESOURCE and tool to see if you can properly equalize for Freediving. This method of EQ is called the "Frenzel," which is different than a common method used by scuba divers called "Valsalva." Figure it out - in only 10 minutes! This is a really handy thing to have figured out BEFORE you arrive at your first in-water freediving or spearfishing course. If you don't check, you may just find yourself spending most of your time in the water frustrated that you cannot go down deep enough to practice all the other skills that you want and need to learn to freedive and spearfish. If you realize that you can Frenzel, then that's great! This will give you confidence to dive in. If you can't Frenzel however, this is great to know before you enter the water! You can figure out why you can't, learn the issue, and seek to problem solve - whether that be learning the right technique, or seeing a doctor if need be.

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