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Great to "meet" you!


We (Charlie and Dave) met a few years ago along the Red Sea in sunny Dahab, and Emerald Freediving has organically grown through our collaboration and desire to build a school that shares our core values.


We are Ireland's foremost experts in freediving education and safety. With almost 20 years of freediving experience between us, we share a love for the sport, a passion for teaching, and a deep appreciation for the ocean.  


We are currently based between Ireland and Egypt seasonally! We are thrilled to be able to freedive along the gorgeous coasts of Ireland, and in it's fresh water lakes, as well as enjoy the stunning coral reefs of The Red Sea!

From basking sharks, to new and reacquainted fishy and diving friends, to turtles, to lush kelp forests - come hang out with us! Enjoy the best of Irish freediving, and receive top apnea coaching around the world. Contact us for coaching, training, courses and more!

contact us here:                   follow us here:                 @emeraldfreediving

Charlie Gray and Dave McGowan Ireland Freediving National Record Holder and Freediving Instructors


Charlie Gray Freediving AIDA Instructor and Registered Psychotherapist

Charlie Gray

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AIDA Freediving Instructor &
Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hi there! I am both a Freediving Instructor, and a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). Professionally, I am instructing Freediving, and practicing psychotherapy separately, while honing my skills and practice toward one day soon developing a Freediving and Psychotherapy practice!


Freediving has taken me personally on a wild and wonderfully epic journey of knowing myself better, while also bringing my own journeys of healing and well being into balance. It has helped me find strength I never knew I had - physically and mentally.


I love working with students in the water! Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of breath-hold, or an experienced diver desiring to deepen your practice. Feel free to get in touch to inquire about availability. I look forward to seeing you in the waves very soon!

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