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Aerial View of Waves


Charlie and Dave were amazing instructors! You can tell right away how passionate they are about free diving in the way they talk about it, but also in the way that they are considerate to each person's needs/skill levels within the course. I really started to understand how free diving can be more than just a hobby- it can be a way to connect with nature, ground yourself, and find beauty and peace in the uncomfortable moments.

The course started with some theory, which surprisingly they made super enjoyable through great conversations, stories, and Q & A. We were then able to practice some breath holds in and out of the water. Although I struggled with the depth/equalizing section, the instructors really took the time to help me come up with a solution that would get me closer to my goals.

I couldn't recommend this course more! This course is for anyone who has a passion for free diving, being in the water, meditation, connecting with nature, or even just wanting to get more confident/comfortable in the water. You don't need any prior knowledge/skills to do this course, which makes it quite accessible for all.

Thanks Dave and Charlie for an experience I will never forget! :)

- Laura

Achill Freediving County Mayo Ireland

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