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Emerald Freediving Trips Egypt

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Interested in a freediving or spearfishing course but find the cost a barrier?

Or do you have something that you can offer in order to join a course in lieu of payment?

Check out our two options below - Our Ambassador or Accessibility programs!

Emerald Freediving


Sign up here for more information about our opportunities to join our courses through our Ambassador Program! This program is geared towards those who have something they'd like to offer in exchange for courses.


One thing that's great about freediving is that it literally can be "Free" once you have your initial skills and kit! But some people find the entry costs a barrier to getting into the sport. While taking at least a full foundational course (such as an AIDA 2) is essential for safely journeying into freediving, we do not want the cost to be a barrier!

Have you wanted to learn to freedive or deepen your skills this summer but find that cost is preventing you from being able to join a course? We would love to be able to make your dreams possible this summer, as we are able!


Our Accessibility program is for those who cannot afford the course costs. 

Emerald Freediving
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