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Freediving is not only a way to explore your own mind and body, but is also an incredible mode for exploring the world. Our trips offer you the highest quality environment to connect with the natural world, other cultures, and fellow water creatures - humans and otherwise!

New Year Freediving Camp

Start your New Year off in the water! This week is jam-packed with the best that Dahab has to offer - both in the stunning Red Sea, and sand mountains of Sinai.


We'll be training and fun diving in the most spectacular spots - such as the famous Blue Hole, Ras Mohamed National Park, and more! Our afternoons and evenings will offer opportunities for mountain hiking, sauna sunsets, and desert dinners.

Don't miss this epic opportunity to explore, connect, and meet your new best freediving friends and buddies in this "mecca" of freediving!

Express your interest for New Year 2025 now by contacting us here.

Dolphin Trip

Who doesn't want to swim with dolphins? Keep your eyes peeled for our next boat trip adventure to swim with some of the most incredible, curious, and beautiful water mammals!


Express your interest now by contacting us here.

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