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Hydra Sport 7mm F1 Gold Wetsuit


Only ships within Ireland. Shipping cost included!


Are you looking for a high quality, performance oriented spearfishing wetsuit designed to take your aquatic adventure to a whole new level? Look no further than the F1 Spearfishing Wetsuit. This remarkable wetsuit has been specifically engineered with the sport enthusiast in mind. For the deep sea diver, the underwater hunter or plummeting athletes, the F1 wetsuit has it all.


The F1 High-End Spearfishing Wetsuit holds a plethora of key features that sets it apart in the market:


  • It is Odourless! Its inner coating ensures that it does not retain unpleasant odors.
  • It brings forth exceptional Thermal Protection. Made with high-density neoprene, it offers minimum compression in great depths and lower thermal loss, keeping you warm and protected from the cold.
  • The Body Fit design gives you a snug fit, reducing water infiltration and offering a comfortable underwater performance.
  • Its Strength is incredible. The neoprene material used is not only elastic but highly resistant, ensuring durability and stretchability.
  • The Elasticity contributes to a heightened sense of freedom and flexibility. The super-stretch neoprene lets you feel like you're not wearing a wetsuit at all.
  • The exterior showcases a Camo Nylon Fabric, offering improved underwater camouflage.
  • The inside brings to life an Open-Cell Lining for excellent comfort and insulation.
  • Equipped with an internal Chestpad Glued into the wetsuit, it offers enhanced protection and added comfort.
  • The High Waist Pants design provides extra support and insulation around the waist and torso area.
  • The Thickness measures a beneficial 7mm, balancing between protection, insulating ability and flexibility.
  • The Hyper-Stretch Mechanical Nylon Lining creates a suit that can stretch and return back to its original form smoothly.

GOLD CAMO WETSUIT | Unisex | 7mm

  • Please allow 10-14 days for shipping of this product. Contact us directly for faster shipping options.

  • Returns only accepted on unworn suits so please ensure that the sizing chart matches your order.

    Restocking & return shipping fees may apply.

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