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We support complete beginners to advanced divers looking to dive in & deepen their freediving skills

  • 3 hours
  • Dahab

Service Description

The best way to improve your diving and get the most out of your freediving vacation is to work with a coach on both developing a personalized plan, and moving through that plan together. We offer personalized coaching [includes both dry and in-water sessions] to improve your breath-hold, equalization and diving technique. Why not just "go-with-the-flow?" Training things like your technique actually improves not just "performance" but this actually enhances your experience under water. By becoming more efficient, you will find your state of relaxation, meditation, and time enjoying the ocean will all benefit tremendously. As a by-product, so will your numbers!​ Whatever your goals are, we'll help you move towards them by honing a strong foundation in a safe and fun environment. Divers come to us with all sorts of areas of focus including but not limited to: - Equalization [beginner and depth/advanced] - Deepening relaxation - Competition training and coaching - Discipline specific focus [i.e. static, no fins, etc..] - Other: what are you hoping to work on?

Contact Details

  • Dahab, Saint Catherine, Egypt

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