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AIDA Freediving Courses Dahab, Egypt | Emerald Freediving

Coaching & Training Weeks

From €295 | Open Water Sessions | Dry Sessions | Personalized Coaching

  • Dahab

The best way to improve your diving and get the most out of your freediving vacation is to work with a coach. We offer personalized coaching [includes both dry and in-water sessions] to improve your breath-hold, equalization, diving techniques, and help you achieve your goals! Why not just "go-with-the-flow?" Training things like your technique actually improves not just "performance" but actually enhances your experience under water. By becoming more efficient, you will find your state of relaxation, meditation, and time enjoying the ocean will all benefit tremendously. As a by-product, so will your numbers!​ Whatever your goals are, we'll help you move towards them by honing a strong foundation in a safe and fun environment. Divers come to us with all sorts of areas of focus including but not limited to: - Equalization [beginner and advanced] - Deepening relaxation - Competition training and coaching - Discipline specific focus [i.e. STA, CNF, CWT, etc..] - Other - what are you hoping to work on? Coaching Sessions typically run on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and are OFF on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This schedule may change slightly depending on the week. Book your preferred start date for the week by clicking the "Book Now" button to view the calendar. Your package runs consecutive from your start date. Choose your Session Length at Check-Out from the following package options: €295 | Mini-Week €395 | Week €535 | 10 Days €695 | 2 Weeks €995 | 3 Weeks €1295 | 1 Month BOOKINGS: Package Price = Session Length Price (see above) Booking Deposit: €195 Book your spot with our Refundable Deposit. Indicate on your booking form the Session Length (choose from above) you are booking. We will invoice you with your remaining course fee which will be calculated based on the date that you book. Book 6+ Weeks in advance SAVE -15% (That's up to €195 OFF) Book 3-6 Weeks in advance SAVE -5% Book 0-3 Weeks - Full Price _____ * Prices do not include dive site or national park entry fees (i.e. Blue Hole, Pool Entry, etc.). ** Deposit is subject to our standard Cancellation Policy (see below)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancel booking 4 weeks before start date or more. 50% refund if cancel between 2 - 4 weeks exactly before the start date. No refund if cancel within 2 weeks of start date. In exceptional circumstance, late cancellations may be offered a last-minute place on an unfilled later course. Refundable Deposits are also subject to this cancellation policy. Post-Covid Policy: Unfortunately if you are sick with a cold or flu or any other infectious sickness that could be passed to your instructors or other course participants, this renders you unfit to join the course. And the standard cancellation policy will apply. If you choose not to disclose this and yet still show up for your course, this presents an awkward situation for all involved as you will be asked to leave.

Contact Details

  • Dahab, Saint Catherine, Egypt

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