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Hydra Sport 7mm North People Nylon Wetsuit


Only ships within Ireland. Shipping cost included!


Introducing the Ultimate Spearfishing Wetsuit by North People. It is perfect for pure spearfishing enthusiasts, competitors, as well invite deep spearfishers. It's designed to amplify your performance, keep you warm and increase your resistance in any aquatic environment.


With the Ultimate Spearfishing Wetsuit by North People, diving into the marine world just gets a whole lot better.


Key Features:

  • Odourless: The inner coating is perfectly resilient against bad odours. Never worry about smells clinging on even after a long day of spearfishing.
  • Thermal Protection: Crafted with high-density neoprene, it provides excellent thermal insulation. Experience minimal compression at impressive depths and low thermal loss, keeping you warm and comfortable for longer.
  • Body Fit: The wetsuit's design precisely matches your body contours, effectively minimizing water infiltration. It's like a second skin, except it's made for underwater world domination!
  • Strength: Our neoprene material isn't just comfortable, it's tough too! North People's wetsuits are designed for longevity, resistant to tears and weathering, letting you focus on the art of spearfishing.
  • Nylon on the outside for durability and ease of movement.
  • Internally, a nylon cushion on the 5 & 7mm options and Opencell Inside across all models for enhanced comfort and protection.
  • High waist pants, designed for ultimate comfort, flexibility, and warmth.


  • Please allow 10-14 days for shipping of this product. Contact us directly for faster shipping options.

  • Returns only accepted on unworn suits so please ensure that the sizing chart matches your order.

    Restocking & return shipping fees may apply.

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